Our product portfolio is unique!

"We combine all four units under one roof for the engine attachments. No one else does that. Our very good coverage of most models is something nobody else can match." 

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All about the engine. By specialists.

Engine mounting parts for every application

We supply engine mounting parts suitable for all applications such as passenger cars & two-wheelers, trucks, agriculture and marine. Our products are available in new and reconditioned versions, and we do not charge a deposit on old parts for the majority of our product range. 

Thanks to the wide range of more than 10,000 different aggregates for the four main product groups, we achieve a high market coverage of over 90%. For you, that means: "For anything to do with the engine – just ask Alanko!"

Quality is our principle! Our standard anyway.

Remanufacturing: like new!
Our motto: Quality. All parts that we refurbish meet the highest standards. We restore them to their full functionality, both technically and visually, to as-new condition. We only use components from reputable manufacturers.

There are also limitations to the renovation. If you continue to repair aggregates, there will be issues with the casings. We utilize an increasing amount of brand-new, factory-certified aggregates. This is an alternative to renovation. We continually monitor quality and conduct random tests during operation. In this manner, we can confidently guarantee our customers original equipment quality.

We accept for refurbishment any old part and any brand from our customers. We also accept the return of obsolete, damaged components. Everyone is free to utilize the mode of transport of their choosing. We only require a very small one-time deposit. The refurbished component is delivered with a balancing protocol but without mounting kits.

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Together for the future

Flexibility, agility and efficiency are the three values that ALANKO embodies and lives by. Stock orders, third-party suppliers, dropshipping or private labeling are all part of our standardized processes. We ship the goods on the same day via your preferred shipping method.

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