Starter & Alternator

No deposit, no lengthy processing on all Alanko starters and generators.

Market coverage:

95 Prozent

Product range:

>4,000 references


+ New - no deposit
+ Remanufactured - no deposit

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Our casings and all other components are manufactured to the highest quality. We usually use SKF & NSK bearings to better withstand the load of rotation. We comprehensively test individual components such as armatures, magnetic switch coils, rectifiers or pinions separately before the assembly of the unit.

Our air conditioning compressors are always shipped with a minimal amount of oil. This serves as an anti-corrosion measure. To provide optimal protection for your compressor, we also carry the proper oil. This allows you to properly fill the compressor prior to installation. Helium is utilized as the test medium for all ALANKO compressors' stringent leak tests.